Colorado concealed handgun permit instruction Colorado concealed handgun permit instruction for the beginning firearm owner to the advanced shooter; valuable information delivered in a comfortable setting
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• Our classes are designed to be interesting and thought-provoking for the beginning firearm owner to
   the most advanced shooter.

• Our philosophy is to teach valuable information in the least threatening manner.

• We take every opportunity to create a setting that is safe for questions and curiosity
   without concern for criticism or appearing ignorant.

• Just like your relationship with your firearm should be one of respect and not fear,
   our instructors believe you should learn in the same manner.

• We all carry firearms for a common purpose; to have the opportunity to protect
  ourselves from terrible and life-threatening harm. We are choosing not to be victims of
  aggressors without conscience.

• Concealed carry of firearms is not about elitism and power trips.

• High Caliber Defense believes teaching and learning concealed carry and the 
  responsibilities which come with this is a humbling experience.

Our Promise
  • High Caliber Defense will teach you the fundamentals of concealed handgun carry in Colorado.
  • We will introduce the rules and tools to be safe and within the bounds of the laws to properly defend yourself
    from the threat of deadly physical bodily harm.
  • Our instruction is high caliber.



•  Satisfying Colorado requirements for concealed handgun carry, our class instruction time is 4 hours.

•  Reading materials supplementing course material will be sent out via email before the class.

•  All questions and answers on the  true-false written test are addressed in the classroom and a passing score of 80% is expected.

•  You will then participate in a 2 hour range shoot outside at a private location typically on a different day.

•  Safety and physical ability demonstration with a handgun of your choice are the key considerations for the range competency, not accuracy.

•  We will supply the firearm if you have not purchased one yet.






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